Meysam Hadigheh

Android Developer

Meysam Hadigheh

Android Developer

About Me

Hello! I’m Meysam Hadigheh.
I’m an enthusiastic programming lover. Now my main focus is in Java, kotlin and android to develop useful apps. I’m looking forward for opportunities to work with an ambitious and creative team.

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My Services
Android App Development

Modern and maintainable app that will help you reach all of your marketing.

developed more than 15 modern app
Android Developer

Project lead of mobile development team for various Corporation Android projects such as Alis Co and Tourism Bank. Collaborate with marketing, key executives, UI designers, and other developers to develop cutting-edge applications . Ensure applications are properly integrated with Android APIs. Participate in fast-paced development cycles; have completed 100% of deadlines ahead of schedule. Contribute and participate in new feature product specifications. Projects: TraPay, TourismBank Calendar, Shared Purchases( Eshternet ), Alis Co ,Reservation system (Rsee), Artan life

Android Developer

Worked with architects, engineers, and product management to deliver user-friendly and visually appealing mobile application for the Android platform. Ensured that content met or exceeded business and client requirements 100% of the time. Wrote clean, clear, efficient, well-tested, and maintainable code. Articulated technical risks and obstacles to key stakeholders and managers. Projects in Hivatec: Fast Food Restaurant App, Rental Car App, Fast Food Restaurant App with ability to customise your food

Member of translation team of The Mom Test Book

2016 jan- 2016 may
Android Developer
TimeLine co.

member of TimeLine co team at project of mpayamak This project aim was to filter incoming sms into different categories based on user choices. For example friends, family and bank sms.

Member of translation team of The Elements of User Experience

2012 - 2014
UX Designer
Asre Electronic Inc.

Collaborate with creative and development teams on the execution of ideas.

My Skills
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Xml
Recent Works
Alis Co
TraPay App
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